The ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language is designed for language instructors who teach English for workplace, occupational and professional contexts.


“Any English language learner going through a formal application process for licensing, immigration or entry into higher education or professional training needs to complete a standardized English language proficiency test to demonstrate their English language level.  Helping students prepare for these tests is a combination of teaching them the structure of the test and test questions, along with strategies, and refining their language skills specifically as they relate to the answering the test questions.  This course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to support your learners as they prepare for the assessment of their language ability.”

–  Dianne Tyers, Course Designer

Where to Register

This course is offered online through our partner, London Language Institute, London, Ontario.  The price is $500 CAD. Courses are run on a continuous enrollment basis.  You can start anytime.

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Why Choose the ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language?

  • 32+ hours of coursework
  • Learn ideas, strategies and tools with which to successfully prepare students to enter the labour market
  • Increase your marketability as a language instructor

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for The ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language is an interest in further expanding knowledge in the areas of workplace, professional and occupational English. Must be a qualified and currently practicing English language teacher to enroll.

Course Content

The ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language covers the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to English for Specific Purposes
  • Needs Analysis for Occupation Specific Language
  • The Four Language Skills for Occupation Specific Language
  • Cultural Values and Behaviours for Occupation Specific Language
  • Finding and Evaluating Resources for Occupation Specific Language


Students will complete a Task Journal for each of the 16 course modules and submit them on an ongoing basis to their instructor for feedback and assessment.  The instructor will assess the students’ understanding of each module based on the correctness and completeness of their responses in the Task Journals.  Tasks include answering discussion and short answer questions, and completing short curriculum design tasks.  The Task Journals comprise 100% of the final grade.

Course Instructor

Heather Perry has always been interested in language teaching as she is a first generation Canadian born of immigrant parents. Growing up, her years were filled with stories of the difficulties and humour that her parents, their siblings and grandparents had in communication. She has been an English language practitioner (accredited ATESL and Canada TESL) for the last 12 years specializing in language assessment, teacher training and language instruction. Heather has taught the ACE foundational Teacher Training course in China, at the University of Regina, Red Deer College and Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta. Heather has also been involved with the course development and implementation of an online English language learning program in Dubai and Kuwait. Her teaching experience spans the range of early beginners in an evening class to workplace communication skills with oil and gas employees, engineers and day care workers. She has developed extensive curriculae for temporary foreign workers to assist with the Employment Readiness course taught at Red Deer College.

Continuing Education Units

Language education professionals can earn CEUs for completing the ACE TESOL Certificate. The international standard for CEUs is one CEU for every 10 hours of professional development, therefore participants can earn 12 CEUs for successfully completing the course with the 20-hr practicum and 11 CEUs for successfully completing the course with the 10-hr practicum. Please note that this is a general guideline and CEU standards may vary from one teaching context to the next. It is your responsibility to check the CEU requirements for your specific teaching context.