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The ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration

The ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration is designed for teachers of grades K-12 who have ESL students in their classes.  The course provides ideas, strategies and tools for the successful integration of your ESL students into both your classroom and your school.


“K-12 education systems vary significantly from one culture to another.  Helping our K-12 ESL students and their parents navigate a new education system, from what happens in the classroom, to the assessment and reporting system, to the expectations of parent and student roles within the school, will lead to more successful ESL students in our K-12 schools.  This course helps teachers understand and then meet these needs.” 

 –  Dianne Tyers, Course Designer

Where to Register

This course is offered asynchronously online by qualified and experienced ACE instructors. The price is $350 CAD. Courses are run on a continuous enrollment basis. You can start anytime!

For more information or to enrol, please contact us.

Why Choose the ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration?

  • Complete 20 hours of practical, hands-on learning. 
  • Learn ideas, strategies and tools with which to successfully integrate ESL students.
  • Discuss the key issues and challenges of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural classroom.

Admission Requirements

The ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration is for any currently practicing K-12 classroom teacher who currently has or will have new English language learners in their classes.  The course is suitable both for teachers with experience with ESL students and those with little or no experience with ESL students.

Course Content

The ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration covers the following topics:

  • The connections among education, culture and language
  • English language proficiency diagnosis and level placement
  • English language teaching methodologies
  • Ongoing assessment
  • How to find and evaluate resources
  • School and community integration strategies and techniques


Students will complete a Task Journal for each of the nine course modules and submit them on an ongoing basis to their instructor for feedback and assessment.  The instructor will assess the students’ understanding of each module based on the correctness and completeness of their responses in the Task Journals.  Tasks include answering discussion and short answer questions, offering personal responses, reflecting on past experiences, evaluating resources and evaluating current classroom and school practices and strategies.  The Task Journals comprise 90% of the final grade.  Students will also complete an evaluated Personal Action Plan in which they will select three proiority applications of what they have learned in the course to their professional context.  The Personal Action Plan comprises 10% of the final grade.

Continuing Education Units

Language education professionals can earn CEUs for completing The ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration. The international standard for CEUs is one CEU for every 10 hours of professional development, therefore participants can earn 2 CEUs for successfully completing the course. Please note that this is a general guideline and CEU standards may vary from one teaching context to the next. It is your responsibility to check the CEU requirements for your specific teaching context.