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The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes

The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes is designed to introduce language instructors to the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to effectively prepare students for success in an English-speaking higher education setting.

This course is recognized by TESL Canada as a Short Online Specialized Course.

“We designed this course to fill a skill gap that we were hearing English language teachers felt they had between what they learned in their foundational courses and what they had to teach their students to prepare them for entry into higher education institutions.  Teachers had questions about how to teach essay writing, presentation skills and lecture listening.  We also heard from teachers that they didn’t know how to teach the complex sentence grammar and field-specific vocabulary students need to write academic essays and reports.  We hope this course fills these gaps.”

–  Dianne Tyers, Course Designer

Where to Register

This course is offered asynchronously online. Participants complete the coursework at their own pace over a 6-month period. There is no instructor support for this course. Courses are run on a continuous enrollment basis. You can start anytime! The price is $295 CAD.

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Why Choose the ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes?

  • 35+ hours of coursework
  • Learn ideas, strategies and tools with which to successfully teach the language systems, the language skills and the behaviours specific to higher education.
  • Increase your marketability as a language instructor

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes is an interest in further expanding knowledge in the area of teaching English for Academic Purposes.  Foundational teaching certification and classroom experience is strongly recommended but not required in order to enroll.

Course Content

The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes covers the following subject areas:

  • Understanding English for Academic Purposes
  • Teaching Academic Behaviours
  • Teaching About Plagiarism
  • Teaching Academic Vocabulary
  • Teaching Academic Grammar
  • Academic Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Skills
  • Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
  • Teaching Academic Research and Citation Skills
  • Teaching Quoting Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  • How to Be an Effective Online Learner
  • Teaching Academic Behaviours
  • Assessment Tasks and Tools
  • Finding and Evaluating Materials and Resources


The assessments in this course consist of one Task Journal and one quiz for each module of the course. Task Journals provide students with the opportunity to put course concepts into practice through research, analysis, evaluation and lesson planning. The short comprehension quizzes will test your knowledge of the concepts covered in each module.

Your Task Journals will not be graded in this course, they are for your own learning development. The quizzes, however, will be graded and will account for 100% of your final mark.

In order to successfully complete the course and receive a certificate, you must complete all of the quizzes and receive a 70% minimum score on each.

Continuing Education Units

Language education professionals can earn CEUs for completing The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes. The international standard for CEUs is one CEU for every 10 hours of professional development, therefore participants can earn 3.5 CEUs for successfully completing the course. Please note that this is a general guideline and CEU standards may vary from one teaching context to the next. It is your responsibility to check the CEU requirements for your specific teaching context.