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The ACE TESOL Diploma

The ACE TESOL Diploma course is specifically designed to enhance your theory and practice as an English language teacher. 

The ACE TESOL Diploma course will add to your confidence as an educator, increase your knowledge base and expertise and provide you with a further English language teaching professional credential. 

Participants who have completed a TESL Canada recognized Standard One certificate or an equivalent program recognized by PLAR as well as the ACE TESOL Diploma with a 30-hour practicum are eligible to apply for TESL Canada Professional Certification Standard Two or TESL Ontario Professional Certification (depending upon location). For more information on TESL Canada Professional Certification, email [email protected] or visit For more information on TESL Ontario Professional Certification, email [email protected] or visit


“After six and a half years working as an occasional elementary school teacher and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, I decided to enroll in the ACE TESOL Diploma program at the Peel District School Board.  The program grabbed my attention because it was full time and during the day.  I wanted to be in and out quick.  It was intense but worth it.  I completed the course in June and the practicum in October.  After completing the program, I did feel I had a pretty good handle on creating lessons and working with people from diverse backgrounds; I was ready to jump into a classroom.  I began applying for ESL jobs and sent my resumes to school boards even if they weren’t hiring.  I ended up getting an interview with a school board.  Three weeks later I got the job!  It was a casual position, which made me hesitant at first, but I knew it was my only way in.  Then in 8 months I got a permanent part-time teaching position and two months later, a full-time position.  I was ecstatic!”

– Sandra Afonso, OCELT

Where to Register

The ACE TESOL Diploma Course is offered in-class at the following ACE Partner locations:

For more information, please contact us.

Why Choose the ACE TESOL Diploma?

  • 150 hours of instruction
  • A 30-hour practicum
  • A practical and task-based learning experience
  • Taught by professional, qualified, experienced trainers
  • Based upon the most current teaching theory and methodologies
  • Classroom-based delivery option offered full-time or part-time at various locations across Canada
  • Online delivery option offered in partnership with London Language Institute

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for the ACE TESOL Diploma course is TESL Canada professional certification at Standard One Interim (or equivalent).  

See for more information on professional certification.  For a list of TESL Canada approved Standard One teacher training courses, see this document.

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of English proficiency with one of the following standardized proficiency tests:

CAEL (online or at a test centre) Overall: 70, with a minimum score of 70 in each skill area
TOEFL iBT (includes Special Home Edition) Overall: 101 Listening: 24 Reading: 24 Writing: 27 Speaking: 26
IELTS Academic Overall: 7, with a minimum score of 7 in each skill area

For further information on the TESL Ontario English language proficiency requirements and circumstances for exceptions, see TESL Ontario’s website.

For further information on the TESL Canada English language proficiency requirements, see TESL Canada’s website.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: You can enrol in the ACE TESOL Diploma without demonstrating the above English language proficiency, however, you must acknowledge that you understand this proof is required for professional certification and that without this proof, TESL Canada and/or TESL Ontario will not complete your professional certification and your employment options may be limited. It is each candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the required English language proficiency has been established.

Course Content

The ACE TESOL Diploma provides a comprehensive look at the theory of language teaching as well as advanced teaching skills.  Topics are divided into three broad categories: learning, teaching and language.


  • Language Acquisition
  • Learning Styles, Learning Strategies and Motivation
  • Language Learning and Culture
  • Language Learning and Society
  • Adult ESL in Canada


  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Advanced Skills for Teaching Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading
  • Advanced Skills for Teaching Pronunciation and Vocabulary
  • Planning and Teaching with the Canadian Language Benchmarks
  • Principles and Techniques for Adult Learners
  • Curriculum Design
  • Language Assessment


  • The Nature and History of Language
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Phonology
  • Morphology and Semantics
  • Pedagogical Grammar


Each of the 100 modules in the ACE TESOL Diploma course is comprised of Lecture Notes and a Task Journal. Students submit Task Journals to their instructor on an ongoing basis for feedback and assessment. Students are also assessed on an Observation Report and three Term Exams.


The Practicum

Practicums are conducted in real adult English language classes. The 30-hour practicum is divided into 20 hours of classroom observation and 10 hours of practice teaching. For the 10 hours of practice teaching, students are assigned to a mentor teacher.

Continuing Education Units

Language education professionals can earn CEUs for completing The ACE TESOL Diploma. The international standard for CEUs is one CEU for every 10 hours of professional development, therefore participants can earn 18 CEUs for successfully completing the course with the 30-hr practicum. Please note that this is a general guideline and CEU standards may vary from one teaching context to the next. It is your responsibility to check the CEU requirements for your specific teaching context.