We conduct qualitative and quantitative research in the education, language education and professional development sectors in order to provide the accurate and comprehensive information needed to make informed policy decisions.  We conduct a background literature review and/or environmental scan, design the research methodology and tools, complete the data collection with our expert team of consultants, analyze the data, identify findings and make policy recommendations.  The research is presented to stakeholders in a readable and accessible final report. We also complete the isolated steps of the research process as needed by clients.

Past Clients

  • National Association of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies (NARTRB), Ottawa, ON:  We conducted qualitative research in order to complete language benchmarking of the profession fo respiratory therapy in English and French.  Data collection methods included job shadowing in multiple employment contexts, focus groups, key informant interviews and occupational language analysis.  The research results were used to set language proficiency requirements for safe practice in the profession across Canada in English and French.
  • Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), Toronto, ON:  We conducted an environmental scan to identify the most appropriate standardized English language proficiency tests and test scores to identify language proficiency requirements for safe practice in the profession in Ontario.


“Dianne’s experience and knowledge in the education sector across Canada and internationally, developing English language curriculum for occupations and professions, assisted us in developing a language policy that meets the standards and expectations required for engineering technicians and technologists.   OACETT implemented an English Language Proficiency requirement for certification in 2016 based on Dianne’s in depth research, which included a detailed environmental evaluation of countries’ post-secondary programs where graduates applying to OACETT would then be exempt. In addition, Dianne provides ongoing support, monitoring and advising on standardized tests that are becoming accepted in the market.”

– Barbara Chappell, M.A. Registrar|Director, IETO, OACETT