Women in International Education Awards 2018

This year ACE was a proud sponsor of the Women in International Education Awards (WIE Awards) run by Lead50/50, an organization founded to support and mentor women working in the international education sector and to recognize women leaders in the sector. 

In addition to awards you would expect, such as the Woman Business Owner of the Year and the Academic Director of the Year, the WIE Awards include original awards such the Unsung Hero of the Year, the Inspirational Woman of the Year, the Mentor of the Year and the Rising Star of the Year, all great ways to celebrate the work that we do in international education.  Join us in congratulating this year’s WIE Award Finalists and WIE Award Winners

We all work in international education because it is rewarding to help our students achieve their education and career goals.  It is rewarding to see students learn new languages and learn cross-cultural competence as they navigate challenging experiences.  And it is rewarding to see students build their resilience and self-confidence, which will serve them throughout their entire lives regardless of the careers they pursue.  

Despite these daily rewards, sometimes it is nice for people to go out of their way to say “thanks” to us for the work that we do. This blog is a huge “thank you” to all the women in international education out there.

I have the privilege of working with almost eighty awesome women in international education, all over the world, who show up every day and give a hundred percent to their students, their teachers and their programs.  They teach.  They create.  They innovate.  They problem-solve. They lead. They manage.  And they positively impact the world daily with their work.     

I don’t have awards to give any of them, but here they are:  Maha, Cocoa, Tracy, Maria, Gianeya, Elsa, Doreen, Karen, Meghan, Jacqueline, Mina, Heather, Christina, Silvia, Sheri, Elza, Sally, Dora, Nancy, Michelle, Paula (times two), Jennifer (times seven, for some reason I work with a lot of Jennifers), Sheila, Katie, Jennie, Anouchka, Ghazal, Katia, Cindy, Lisa, Porsia, Dita, Dulani, Supriya, Thura, Samantha (times two, both in the same location), Kate, Barbara, Rita, Joanne (times two), Aya, Hayam, Heba, Manar, Rana, Asmaa, Neda, Kim, Keely, Elizabeth, Tanya, Maggie, Christine, Dara, Margaret, Angie, Pat, Christa, Elisa, Janice, Julie (times two), Kelly, Jeanette, Trish, Judy, Manel, Amelia, Nicole, Rajasree, and Baneen.

To all the amazing women in international education out there, keep doing what you do!