At ACE, we strongly believe in holding our courses to the highest possible standards. This is why we also believe in having our English language teacher training courses accredited.  Accreditation is a process in which a neutral third party organization evaluates an English language teacher training course using a set of criteria or standards.  The accreditation process includes a detailed review of the course's content, resources, assessments and policies.  It also includes an evaluation of the qualifications of the trainers who deliver the course and the facilities in which the course is held. 

Once an English language teacher training course receives accreditation, the organization delivering the course can advertise this accreditation in all of their promotional material.  Accreditation is valid for either 3 or 5 years depending upon the accrediting organization.  After that time period, the course is reviewed again for an accreditation renewal.  Each year in between renewals courses have to submit annual reports to inform the accrediting organization of any changes that have been made to the course content.

At ACE, our courses are approved by two accrediting bodies--TESL Canada and TESL Ontario.  For the accreditation processes of these two organizations see their websites:  TESL Canada and TESL Ontario.

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