Customized Teacher Training Courses

In addition to a suite of English language teacher training courses, ACE offers customized English language teacher training solutions for international English language teachers. ACE Customized English Language Teacher Training Courses are developed on a contractual basis based on clients needs and requirements. Courses can range from a few weeks to one year in length. Courses can include classroom learning, computer-based learning, language learning, guest speakers, lesson observations, practice teaching and video-taped teaching.  Excursions to local tourist attractions and other cultural experiences can also be integrated into the schedule.


Customized courses can be delivered in Canada or in your country. Previous clients of our customized English language teacher training courses include:


  • Seoul Office of Education, Seoul, South Korea
  • Pusan Metropolitan City Office of Education, Pusan, South Korea
  • Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education, South Korea
  • Gangwon Office of Education, South Korea
  • Jinchen No. 1 High School, Shanxi, China
  • Tianjin Municipal Education Committee, Tianjin, China



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