Become An ACE Partner


Who is an ACE Partner?

An ACE Partner can be a school board, community college, university, non-profit organization or private language school that offers high quality, reputable English language education.



Why Partner with ACE?

ACE is Canada's leading provider of English language teacher training courses. At ACE, we develop high quality curriculum materials using our expertise in the subject area knowledge, subject area practice and course design for adult learners. We keep the material current, relevant and interesting by staying informed about developments in the field, attending conferences and ongoing research into teaching methodology trends.  ACE trainers are free to simply train because they have the very best in teacher training materials at their fingertips.

ACE Partners benefit from sharing information about course content through our network of ACE Trainers and ACE Partners. Each course comes with complete documentation including a Teacher's Manual, Participant's Manual and Operations Manual.  Courses are supported by student, trainer and partner webpages containing documents, videos, PowerPoint and web links.  ACE's supporting expertise is just an email away.


What does a partnership with ACE look like?

ACE courses are licensed by ACE Partners for an initial licensing fee. Thereafter, ACE Partners pay a per student fee to ACE for each student who takes an ACE course. The licensing process is a twelve step process that ACE and the prospective Partner complete together. Timing from the start of the licensing process to the delivery of your first ACE course will be approximately 3 months, depending upon your readiness and staffing and upon regulatory requirements.



As an ACE partner do I have to deliver all ACE courses offered?

No. Each ACE Partner has the choice to deliver whichever ACE courses are needed in their market. Each ACE Partner will end up with an ACE package unique to their market needs.



Being an ACE Partner is about relationship.

At ACE we offer ongoing support to our partners. Prior to, during and after the delivery of every course, ACE personnel remain available by telephone, e-mail and/or site visits to answer questions about the continued delivery of the course at the ACE Partner's facility and to receive the ACE Partner's feedback. We work with our ACE partners to impact the delivery of English language programming in their local market through a committed long-term relationship.



For more information on how you can become an ACE partner, contact us.