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Community English Language Education (CELE) Projects

ACE's non-profit division 'ACE Community English Language Education Projects' (CELE Projects) is designed to build English language education capacity and English language capacity in developing countries around the world through small, community-based projects initiated by graduates of ACE English language teacher training courses.

Projects that CELE supports include providing any or all of the following:

  • English language training to teachers who teach subject matter in English
  • English language training to teachers who teach English
  • Teacher training to teachers of English
  • Teaching specialized English courses


Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

August 2014 to October 2014

Now in their fourth year, Cathie Aalders-Taylor and her team of volunteers once again headed down to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia to provide support and training to the local teachers.  This year, in addition to English classes, Cathie and her volunteers offered several additional workshops focusing on teaching math and vocabulary.  There was a very positive response this year and the teachers who participated were extremely grateful. ACE provided financial support and teacher resources to help fund this wonderful project. 

Read the Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 2014 Project Report.


August 2013 to October 2013

For the third year in a row ACE alumni, Cathie Aalders-Taylor, and her team of Canadian teachers went down to a small Bolivian community to teach English.  This time, however, they were teaching the local teachers both English and how to teach English.  Volunteer teachers worked in the community for one month each, while Cathie stayed there for the entire three months of the project.  Each teacher, once again, volunteered his or her time and paid travel expenses.  ACE paid for local flights, excess baggage and teaching supplies.  Cathie created an amazing course and set of materials for the local teachers to work with. The project was once again amazingly successful. 

Read the Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 2013 Project Report.


March 2012 to June 2012

For the second year in a row ACE alumni, Cathie Aalders-Taylor, and her team of Canadian teachers went down to a small Bolivian community to teach English to the local people employed in the tourism industry.  Each teacher volunteered her time and paid her travel expenses.  ACE paid for local flights, excess baggage and some teaching supplies.  The local tour companies provided accommodation for the teachers as well as the classroom facilities.

Last year, Cathie developed an English for Tourism curriculum tailored specifically to the communication needs of the tour guides in the region.  This year, Cathie has developed a brand new curriculum for customer service workers in the tourism industry, focusing on English used to provide information to prospective customers and book them on tours.  In addition, Cathie has produced two fully-illustrated guidebooks describing the flora and fauna of the region in simple English.

Read the Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 2012 Project Report.

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April 2011 to June 2011

ACE CELE Projects provided some support and teacher resources for a project in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia organized by ACE graduate Cathie Aalders-Taylor. Cathie organized six teachers from Canada (five from Calgary and one from Toronto) to go to the small jungle community of Rurrenabaque, Bolivia to teach English to tour guides who work for a tour company called Bala Tours.

Each teacher volunteered to teach for four weeks of the three-month long program. Cathie developed an English for Tourism curriculum tailored specifically to the communication needs of the tour guides. This was supplemented with resources provided by ACE. Each teacher volunteered her time and paid for her airfare.  ACE paid for medical insurance and some teacher resources.

Read the Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 2011 Project Report.


project 2

Kivumu, Rwanda

April 27th to May 27th, 2013

For the third CELE project in Rwanda, ACE trainer Jennifer Nowak travelled to the small town of Kivumu to teach English at the Father Vjeko Centre.  Jennifer taught two classes of 25 students each consisting of bricklayers from the local vocational school.  The students really appreciated the opportunity to improve their English and enjoyed Jennifer's fun and interactive lessons.  They especially liked the lessons involving music and even learned the words to "Its a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

Read more about Jennifer's experiences in the Kivumu, Rwanda 2013 Project Report.

Rwanda Group Photo2013

November 20th to December 22nd, 2011

ACE trainers Jayne Carielle and Alan Webb went once again to the Father Vjeko Centre in Kivumu, Rwanda as CELE Project's fourth project. From November 20th through to December 22nd, 2011, Jayne and Alan conducted English language classes at the Father Vjeko Centre, Kivumu, Rwanda. Jayne and Alan taught English grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing and communication activities to teachers from the Centre and from the surrounding local public schools.

Read the Kivumu, Rwanda 2011 Project Report.

December 26th, 2010 to January 14th, 2011

For the first ever CELE project, ACE sent a team of two trainers to Kivumu, Rwanda for a special English language teaching opportunity. One trainer, Jayne Carlielle taught English to teachers of other subject matter (tailoring, construction and masonry). The other trainer, Cherie Plamping taught English teachers from the vocational school and local area schools about how to teach English.

The project took place over a three-week period at the Father Vjeko Centre. The Father Vjeko Centre was established in memory of Padri Vjeko in order to empower youths with skills such as building, tailoring, and carpentry. The Centre's aim is to develop the community in Kivumu by impacting uneducated youth so that they may support themselves and their families.  For more information visit the Father Vjeko Centre website.

Read the Kivumu, Rwanda 2010 Project Report.

project 4


Casa Guatemala, Guatemala

August 6th to November 6th, 2011

Calgary, Alberta resident Christina Perkins went on the third ACE CELE Project. With the help of ACE, Christina volunteered as an English language teacher with the orphanage Casa Guatemala from August 6th until November 6th, 2011. Casa Guatemala is a rural orphanage that cares for over 250 children. 

Challenges include limited teaching resources, a lack of student workbooks or textbooks, open air classrooms, and no access to technology. However, Christina found the experience enormously rewarding.  She left Guatemala with a sense of admiration for the enormous inner strength of the children she worked with.  They literally had nothing, and yet they still found a way to be kids.

Read the Casa Guatemala Project Report 2011.

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