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Teaching English Internationally

There is a high demand for English teachers in both English and non-English speaking countries. Public schools, universities, private language schools, companies as well as aid organizations and volunteer programs employ English Language teachers. Teacher support varies greatly from country to country, making TESOL Certification invaluable in providing new teachers with the teaching framework and skills to function in any setting.

The following are important to remember:

  • The best jobs are arranged in advance through reputable recruitment agencies or through the actual organization.
  • Contracts range in length, but the average length is one year.
  • In most cases the employer provides airfare or housing.
  • Additional benefits such as paid holidays and health care might also be provided.
  • Jobs are usually available at any time of the year although higher demand coincides with any given country's school year start.
  • Do your research THOROUGHLY before you accept an overseas contract.

For a comprehensive guide to working and living overseas, check out The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas by Jean-Marc Hachey or visit his resource website (membership fees apply).