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The best place to start to get a sense of what jobs are out there is the internet. Other sources of job postings and schools to contact are your local paper and the yellow pages. Word of mouth also works. Let people know you are looking for an English language teaching position.

In your search for a job, you will come across different organizations that are recruiting teachers.

INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS: Some schools do their own recruiting. If you apply, you will be speaking directly with someone who knows the school very well.

CHAIN SCHOOLS: There are a number of very large chains of language schools. The chain may just have schools in one country or they may have schools around the world. Chain schools will have a central office and/or recruiting offices in different major urban areas. If you apply, you will be speaking with someone whose job focuses exclusively on finding teachers for the company.

RECRUITMENT AGENCIES: There are recruiting or placement agencies who hire teachers on behalf of schools. The recruiters may work with schools in just one country or with schools in many countries. They match qualified teachers with an appropriate school according to what the school is looking for and what the teacher wants.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: The public education sector in many countries also hire ESL teachers. Teaching positions may be in the primary, secondary, college or university level. Continuing Education departments, Adult Education programs as well as non-profit and volunteer organizations also hire ESL teachers.

VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS: Some organizations operate programs that place volunteer ESL teachers in countries and schools that can not necessarily afford to hire their own teachers. These organizations cater to individuals who want to travel to an interesting country but do not want to be just a tourist.


Some of the most popular websites advertising English language teaching positions on the internet are:

Please note that ACE and its partners do not endorse any of the recruiting agencies or schools listed above. It is your responsibility to THOROUGHLY research contracts and schools.