ACE Job Centre - An ELT Resume

 Your Resume

Before applying for any positions, take the time to put together a strong resume tailored for English language teaching positions.

Follow these guidelines:

Profile Statement: Start with a profile statement that helps the employer understand who you are, what your teaching style is and what you believe about language teaching.

Objectives: Clearly state your objectives. What type of work are you looking for (Full-time, Part-time, Substitute, Contract)? What types of classes do you want to teach (children, teenagers, business English, test preparation)?

Education: List your education, starting with your ACE teacher training courses.

Professional Experience: List all of your teaching experience. Highlight the levels and any specialty courses you have taught and any extra responsibilities (materials development, testing, management) you have had. If you do not have a lot of teaching experience, include any tutoring, coaching and staff training you have done. Include your practicum experience from your ACE teacher training courses.

Additional Skills: Indicate the languages you speak, your computer skills, and any additional qualifications you have.

Important Note: Make sure that your resume addresses all job criteria outlined in recruitment advertisements. Use the same key words the employer uses. Also, for overseas positions, it is common for a school to ask you to provide a photograph of yourself as well as a resume and cover letter.

Please view this sample resume for ideas on how to write your own resume.